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ME Language Solutions

“The translator is an author's accomplice” Jorge González Moore


True, impactful research is exciting to be a part of. At its heart lies the powerful purpose of creating knowledge. It seeks the answers to life's great questions and solves our most challenging problems. In short, research inspires.

Well-written research leaves a lasting impression and earns credibility and respect. At ME Language Solutions we understand this. That's why our mission is to help your research reach a global, English or Spanish speaking audience. We make sure that the presentation of your work is up to world-class standards and the requirements of the most prestigious scientific journals.


Collaborating with us is like welcoming another colleague to your team, someone who gets the same kick out of preparing your research for professional publication. A colleague who is a scientific translator with the time, skills, experience and dedication to help your project reach an international audience.


Working with you throughout the entire process, we provide an efficient and high-quality service for your translation (Spanish>English or English>Spanish) needs and the proofreading and editing (in Spanish or English) of scientific articles and texts. Stringent quality control is assured, underpinned by a personal and friendly approach to the work at all times. The desire to exceed clients' expectations is at the heart of this ethos, as well as a passion for making the translation process simple, enjoyable and hassle-free. Find out more about the translation and proofreading service here.


Clare Murray, a native English speaker and resident of Granada, Spain, is at the helm of ME Language Solutions, founded in 2021 as a modern, innovative and client-focused translation company. Find out more here about what Clare can bring to the table as your scientific translation partner.

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